OR / ICU & Respiratory Solution

Ventilator VG70 ( Middle End )

The VG70 is a comprehensive transportable ICU ventilator including lung protective ventilation modes such as BIVENT and PRVC. The VG70 has flexible configuration allowing for trolley, bed or ceiling pendant mount. As a cost effective solution the VG70 has a metal based autoclavable exhalation valve with a nonconsumable design built in flow sensor and its ventilation software is upgradeable with the available USB port.

Portable Ventilator Sharingla 501S

Shangrila 510S is a universally used model. Not only for emergency ventilation, but also it is suitable for ideal transport ventilation. The circumstances include on-site emergency treatment, pre-hospital transport, interhospital transport, and even intra-hospital transport.

General Anaesthesia Aeon8800A

Efficient and Comprehensive Anesthesia Assistant An anesthesia workstation with comprehensive functions and effective applications that help you easily find the solution in the complex perioperative situations. Providing more flexibility in the ventilation strategy and is suitable for various patients and operations.

Homecare Respiratory Solution

Continuous Positive Airways Pressure

Suitable for: Snore, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. Whole device weighs 1.26kg, light and compact design, good choice for both home and travel use. Up to 20 cm2 PM2.5 pollen filter ensures an efficient filtering, provides superb clean air and ensures the health of patients. very time after treatment, CPAP turbine blows at a lower speed to cool down the whole tubing and mask. Furthermore, the dry environment prevents the bacterial breeding and provides a healthy treatment to user.