Patient Monitoring Solution

Haemodialysis Solution

Patient Monitor Solution

Patient Monitor P Series

VS500S is a non-invasive ventilator specially designed for premature infant, neonate and pediatric that provides comprehensive non-invasive ventilation to meet various respiratory management requirements. With SpO2 module, VS500S offers real-time monitoring including three waveforms, SpO2/FiO2, PI, and OSI to provide more reference for clinical decisions in order to facilitate early diagnosis of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Hemodialysis Solution

PES/PS Dialyzer

An effient development from nanotechnological scope, provides quality to high flow procedures (ie. OHDF) in terms of biocompatibility, UF rates and middle size molecules.

DF210 Dialysis Fluid Filter

It is designed to clear the endotoxin and lower the complication in the hemodialysis process improving the quality and effectiveness of the hemodialysis. Membrane material: Polyether sulfone (PES). Effective surface area: 2.1 m2. UF coefficient >1000mL/min. Housing material: Polycarbonate. Sealing stuff: Polyurethane. 160 sessions dialysis treatment or continuous use 1000 hours. Strong tolerance to disinfectant, such as citric acid, peracetic acid, and sodium hypochlorite(one time in each week). Sterilization: EB (Electron Beam). Applicable hemodialysis machine: Dialogue, Dialogue+.

Hemodialysis Machine D800 Series

D800 series is a hemodialysis system dedicated to Hemodialysis (HD), Hemofiltration (HF), and Hemodiafiltration (HDF) treatment. Under the development of Biolight, these new types of systems have an elegant design, simple operation, powerful function, and more importantly, is higher dialysis treatment quality.