LED Surgical Light
Aeonmed OL9700

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LED Lighting Reflector
The alloy-aluminium reflector allows effective heat dissipation and good light reflection. OL9780 light head consists multi-units of reflectors.
The LED of the reflector has long life expectancy with high reliability which will definitely allow hospitals to save cost.

Infrared Induction Control Funotion
Touch free control for a easy operation during surgery Admin for Illumination adjustment and focus adjustment Simplify operating

Head- Block Function
When surgeon’s head blocks the light, the light sources of this area will be turned off automatically. Other light sources will increase the illumination to maintain a constant value at 5% tolérance,which will maintain the température of surgeon head.

Endoscopie Lighting
OL9700 has a special endoscopie lighting which consists of two parts. The light illumination intensity can reach up to 50 lux. Even if one endoscopie light fails, the other can continues to work, ensuring the safety of endoscopie surgeries.

Electro – Motor Adjustment Of Light Spot
OL9700 uses spécial patent focus technology, providing an impressive homogenous lighting. The size of light spot is adjusted by the built-in electric motor.

The touch screen control panel
The touch screen control panel is easy to operate which is fitted to the cardan joint to allow intuitively control by users. It has ten-level illumination intensity adjustment and its light field size also can be adjusted by it.

The camera System
The caméra System is available in different versions and can be operated with integrated OR Systems. It delivers first-rate images in HD quality straight to the display.


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Aeonmed OL9700”

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