MRI OPENMARK 4000 Permanent MRI System

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    The OPENMARK 4000 is a 0.4T MRI system with the highest system stability and highest homogeneity of the magnet field in permanent MR. Its large vertical magnet space makes joint motion analysis possible and increases the application range of patients, such as for obese patients.



    • Advocating the combination of technology and humanities, provide a comfortable operation experience to you.



    Humanized Design
    • Touch LED screen, intelligent one key position
    • Integrated patient table, smooth and comfortable
    • two-way intercom system reflects care intentions


    Perfect Magnet
    • Large openness structure, reduces anxiety & claustrophobia of patient.
    • Unique shimming technology, ensures a high-level homogeneity of magnetic field.
    • intelligent temperature control system , suppliers a high stability of magnetic field.