BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope

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    1. Familiar technique with Macintosh blade,direct and video visualization,gain the capabilities of two device in one ,additional difficult airway blade optional. Can cope with a majority of airway intubation. No fogging camera.when you turn it on, the camera can anti-fog within 15 seconds. Quick response for intubation.
    2. Narrow blade profile,intubation feasibility improved for some samll mouth opening. Private label and OEM design are acceptable.
    3. CE and ISO13485 approved.
    4. A tool can make air-way intubation more rapid, accurate, as far as possible to reduce damage, and can cope with difficult airway effectively. When facing critical patients, we make the functions of airway management system to be more thorough, convenient for operation. Besides, we could record the case for sharing and teching purpose.
    5. Allow respond to emergency intubation patients and adapt to both indoor and outdoor resure enviroment. Neonate delicate love and care, safer, reliable and suitable air-way management tool for neonate.

    Milo, MAC1, MAC2, MAC3, MAC4, Dblade


    Neonate, Pediatric, Small Adult, Adult, Large Adult, Difficult Airway

    Length (cm)

    8.2, 10.45, 12.11, 14.25, 16.08, 13.27